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Android Developer - вакансия 16188513

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31.08.2021 в 19:40


Профессия: ИТ, интернет, телеком

Регион: Санкт-Петербург

Город, район: Санкт-Петербург

Текст вакансии:

Project Description: Luxoft is one of the major Software Services companies world-wide. We deliver professional software services in multiple business verticals such as Finance, Automotive, and Digital Transformation.Luxoft is building up a new special purpose organization targeted at developing In-Vehicle Infotainment systems for the age of autonomously driving vehicles. How do people in cars spend their time? How do they interact with information and how do they best utilize the cars infrastructure in a future 2021? How to surpass all the benchmarks in automotive SW development. We believe that Software is the driving force to enable and differentiate in future environments. To achieve outstanding user experience, we want to apply the best of open source in the way that open source communities are meant to work, we focus on living continuous integration up to its most modern concepts including continuous delivery right into the vehicle. Our project setup and way of working follows agile principles scaled to global team. Responsibilities: With your experience in Android, you will be leading work around Android Infotainment Application Development with capability to create Applications from scratch and take ownership of end to end feature and functionality development of the application. You need to support Product Owners, Architects and teams in creation of Android applications for the customer projects for Automotive market. You will be a part of the overall product structure and provide guidelines for work quality, design and coding, together with teams. Mandatory Skills Description: Android Studio, Android, Android Java, Android SDK, MQTTUnderstanding of Android Application Framework and Design Patterns (MVP, MVVM).Good understanding of UI placement, WIreframes and Design Flow. Nice-to-Have Skills: Good understanding of REST Api, SQL/SQLite , HTML5 & ScriptingCAN bus understandingExperience with Display Projection technologies.Experience on Automotive Infotainment systems

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