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Елена Морозова

Пол: Женский

Возраст: 46

Опыт работы (лет): 20

Образование: Высшее

Требования к работе:

Желаемая должность: Senior construction project manager

Профессия: Строительство

Регион: Москва

Город, район: Москва

Тип занятости: Не имеет значения

Текст резюме:

Elena V. Morozova
Female, date of birth – September 25th, 1973
Place of birth - Saint-Petersburg,
Place of residence - Moscow,
Periodic business trips are acceptable
Mobile: +7 921 943 50 88
Job search:
Construction director,
Senior construction manager
Project director/manager
possible professional areas:
Civil or industrial Construction and design management
Real estate management and development
Industry operation management
Work experience – over 17 years
October 2012 — February 2018
5 years 6 months
JSC “Multifunctional Complex Lakhta Centre”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia,
Director for Construction
Managed the detailed design and construction, starting with the zero-cycle works in October 2012 and until the Tower top-of-the-spire and installation and its heating. During the period of my leadership, all of Multifunctional complex of the buildings and facilities were erected to design marks. Currently there are ongoing of the finishing work and complex testing of MEP. The commissioning certificate was successfully received by the Employer on 10/16/2018.
Main role:
Construction management of a unique complex of 4 multi-functional buildings with a total area of approx. 400,000 square meters, including the tallest building in Europe – “Lakhta-Tower” with a height of 462m. (The developer is “MFC Lakhta Center” JSC, which is a subsidiary of Investor - PJSC “Gazprom-neft”).
management of the Construction Directorate: created the Employer’s construction supervision business unit from scratch up to 37 civil engineers in team, developed the internal regulations and framework of the Construction Directorate, its principles for the implementation of key milestones of the Project.
management of the Employer’s team and simultaneous work on the Project of the following organizations:
- General contractor (EPC) (maximum number - 13 670 people / day, 2 shifts);
- five direct contractors of the Customer (external networks WS and heating pipelines, Façade Building maintenance Unit, Multifunctional transformable hall, MEP automation);
- Construction Management company - Samsung C&T (EPCM);
- independent construction supervision services - by AECOM (Construction quality assurance and HSE).
Development of a project implementation strategy in terms of contracting the General Designer and the General Contractor, preparation of Terms of Reference and tender procedures in conjunction with the CM and internal services of the company;
took an active direct part in shaping of the Employer’s strategy for the construction implementing of this unique and extremely complicated Project, participated in the development of the contracting system, was on the procurement commission, was responsible for construction deadlines, quality control;
Checking and agreeing the final list of engineering propositions, which were optimizing particular design solutions in order to save schedule and budget (Value engineering);
Created a design review department, which mission was a WD issuance schedule control as well as reviewing, issuing reports and approving Working design Documentation (WD) “for the production”. Meanwhile its mission was as well the evaluation of the WD content and quantity of work for upcoming procurement procedures;
Overall Project controlling, including of the project resources usage, the construction schedule and key milestones executions as well as the critical path of the Project.
Key achievements in the implementation of the Project:
The construction of a complex of 4 buildings of unique complexity was completed exactly on the scheduled date - October 2018. A unique achievement for objects of this scale worldwide;
The project budget was reduced by 12% of the planned due to the applied procurement and design strategy;
During the entire construction period, not a single accident at construction;
During the construction period, a certificate of the Guinness Book of Records was received for the largest volume of continuous concreting in the world (the bottom plate of the foundation of the Tower);
“MFC Lakhta Center” for the first time in Russia received a LEED Platinum energy efficiency certificate based on construction results.
January 2012 — December  2012
1 year
Construction director
The management of the Directorate for new helicopter’s engines plant Construction, and in fact leading the function of the Technical Employer for construction of a new production plant. The construction included: total area of buildings and structures - 125,000 sq. m - 8 newly constructed facilities, plus the reconstruction of some of the 11 existing buildings; connection of additional 6.5 MW electric power, construction and commissioning of a gas boiler house, on-site and external utilities and networks. Completion of the main construction - December 2012, completion and commissioning of the administrative building - 2nd quarter of 2013. Managed directly 24 engineers. I supervised with my team the services provided by the General Contractor (up to 800 people, including subcontractors) and 2 direct contractors on external networks and boiler house. I also participated in the tender committee and took a main part of the preparation of the tender Technical briefs.
August 2005 – January 2012
6 years and 6 months
JSC “Tsvety”
Construction, real estate, maintenance, design development
Business development director
JSC “Tsvety” is the company, which owns of more then 1000 hectares of the plots, being located inside of Saint-Petersburg city boundaries (673 hectares) and in Leningrad region (at the city boundary - 258 hectares). Flower production takes approx. 37 hectares, the rest of the land is a development project. My main responsibilities was: the concept creation and business planning of the territories development, market analysis, feasibility study and business planning, positioning of the product on the existing market, introduction of changes in local legislation - Master Plan and Land Use and Development Rules, development of a territory planning with specialized design companies, coordination, researches and external utilities of territories, design management of real estate construction and transit engineering facilities, licensing and performing of the technical Employer’s functions in the design and construction business (was founded the Technical employer and Construction management company – JSC “BIG -Estate”, where I was a General director), provided construction supervision for design and construction activities. As well my responsibilities have included the control of financial planning, participation of the plots sales contract review (at the current stage 55% of the plots are sold). Subordinated to the owner of the company.
September 2002 — August 2005
3 years
“VEDA-System” LLC, “VEDA-Estate” LLC
Deputy General Director
My main mission became to be creating of a new business activity of VEDA Holding – real estate development and construction. At the time of joining the company there was under development 2 investment projects, at the time of leaving the company - already 23 development and investment projects with total budget over US$ 550 million. Creating the entire business activity from scratch - the Technical Employer’s service and its licensing, provision of construction supervision to ongoing construction projects, etc. Meanwhile it was further expansion needed, therefore was done a lot of selection of potential plots or investment buildings; creating of business ideas for projects; market analysis, business planning, at the same time - development and approval of Design documentation, attraction of loan financing, if necessary, preparation and holding of tenders; conclusion and control of construction contracts; external networks - obtaining limits, connections, commissioning of engineering networks and facilities, as well as commissioning of completed construction projects.
The volume of construction was up to 36 million US dollars per year.
Subordinated to the company owner.
Something about me
a benevolent person, an analytical mindset, strong leadership qualities, a high level of personal responsibility, is demanding on himself and on the staff, fair, focused on results and direct submission to the decision maker.
Education – Higher education, Philosophy Doctor in Economics
Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, St. Petersburg
Economics theory and International economics studies chair.
Subject – the general theory of Economics, State diploma – Ph. Doctor in Economics
Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, St. Petersburg
Faculty of financial, loan and international economic relations,
Profession – economist, international economics, state diploma
Russian - native
English – fluently
German – fluently
Citizenship, trip duration to work
Citizenship: Russia
Work permission: Russia
Preferred residence: Saint-Petersburg or Moscow
Desired travel time to work to work – not more than 1 hour

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